High-quality fruit imports for wholesalers


A lifelong passion for fruit

Not quantity, but quality. Only the best is good enough for each of our products. Instead of an extensive range of fruit, we offer a high-quality selection based on taste and presentation.

Two generations of Superfruit

Originally modest market vendors, Superfruit has evolved into an international reference for wholesalers, market vendors and suppliers for (mass) catering companies. They can count on high-quality fruit and excellent service throughout the year.

Warehouses in Brussels and Roeselare

Superfruit is based at the European Centre of Fruit and Vegetables (ECFV) in Brussels, where it has access to 1400 sq m of conditioned space. The head office is located in Roeselare, where sales take place at the REO Auction.

Over 50 different kinds of fruit and vegetables

Our product range is the result of a permanent search for taste and quality. We alternate year-round fruit with seasonal fruit.

In-house HACCP plan

Fresh products on a daily basis, no unauthorised pesticides and sustainable packaging. Annual audits and our HACCP plan help us to keep on meeting all requirements.