About us

We acquired a taste for fruit at a very early age. This should not come as a surprise as fruit played a central role in our early lives. Our parents, Walter and Betty Deblaere, started as fruit vendors and told us passionately about their products every day.


An apple was never just an apple

They taught us to look at fruit in a different manner. An apple was never just an apple. What colour does it have? How does it taste? Is it crunchy or juicy? What shape does it have? We learned to appreciate not only the taste of fruit but also every detail surrounding it.

This innate love for fruit determines how we look at out products today. It enables us to keep our customers fully satisfied. We adhere to strict standards in the selection of partners and growers as well as in the selection of products in situ.  We subsequently monitor the quality of our products closely in the warehouses in Brussels and Roeselare, where we screen every delivery before it is sent to the customer.

Our expertise and experience enable us to continuously adjust our range of products. Not only to market demands, but also to our own ambitions and any trends on the horizon. That's the only way to deliver a great selection of Superfruit on a daily basis.

Tom Deblaere

The beginning

Walter Deblaere and his wife Betty started as market vendors selling fruit.

Start of NV superfruit

NV Superfruit is established with the goal of importing high-quality fruit.

Start in Brussels

Start of sales at the ECFV in Brussels with a first warehouse.

Expansion in Brussels

Superfruit expands; the purchase of an adjacent warehouse results in a doubling of the surface area.


New company building

Located at the entrance to the REO Auction in Roeselare, the new company building is taken into use. The building not only accommodates the registered office but also offers room for additional storage capacity.

the second generation at the wheel

Tom Deblaere takes over the daily management.


New capacity increase

Optimisation and extension of the product range require the company to expand. Superfruit acquires two adjacent warehouses and increases its total surface area at the ECFG to 1400 sq m.